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Monday, May 16, 2011

Grey Knight terminator army composition

So I've had some time to contemplate my army list. I used to play Deathwing so I'm comfortable playing a terminator heavy army. Here is my abbreviated 1500 point list:

Lord Draigos
Librarian - Sanctuary, Shrouding, Might of Titan, Warp Rift, Quicksilver, warding stave

5x Paladin (completely complex) - 2x psycannon, psybolt ammo
5x Paladin (completely complex) - 2x psycannon, psybolt ammo

Landraider Crusader - extra armor, psybolt ammo

I am planning to add a full squad of 10 Grey Knight terminators with psybolt ammo and 2x psycannon - hopefully I can squeeze Justicar Thawn into the list as well to lead the GKT... it's going to be tight. Here is how Goatboy is currently running his GKT (which I plan to emulate):

GKT X 10, Thawn upgrade, Halberds X 6, Daemon Hammer X 2, Bro Banner, Psycannon X 2

You can view his complete list here which he came in 2nd place overall at The Alamo GT in San Antonio this past weekend:

I have been playing very mobile armies in 5th edition so I think this will be an interesting list to play. To me one advantage of playing Draigoswing is every unit (except of course for the HQ and heavy support) is everything is a troop choice so I can use the Grand Strategy for other things beside converting units into troop choices plus outflanking is not really needed since the terminators can deepstrike.

I'm planning to play test the 1500 point core this week so you can expect a battle report.

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