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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Further reflections upon Grey Knights

I'm three games into this army now. 2 wins and a draw. I had a game versus mech IG with a couple of blobs. Mission was Capture and Control. Went well enough with a win. I'm starting to build up some confidence now. Barring bad dice my units can reliably nuke an enemy unit each turn due to the heavy level of psycannons. I'm finding I prefer to use Draigo and his posse primarily as mobile fire support then engage in close combat as needed. The squad of GKT performed well overall again today. Again the Librarian was the man of the match for my army. I got to play around a bit with the Summoning psychic power towards the end of the game. I mishapped the GKT and lost them but it didn't overall change the course of the game. I'd like to go into this in further detail later this week. Things are shaping up well so far.

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