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Saturday, May 21, 2011

2000 point Draigowing Grey Knight army list

Here is my list:

Lord Kaldor Draigos (275)
Librarian - Might of Titans, Sanctuary, Shrouding & Warp Rift; Warding Stave (200)

10x Paladin (psybolt ammo):
#01) daemonhammer & psycannon
#02) daemonhammer & psycannon
#03) force sword & psycannon
#04) halberd & psycannon
#05) pair of falchions
#06) pair of falchions
#07) pair of falchions
#08) warding stave
#09) warding stave
#10) halberd

10x Grey Knight Terminator (psybolt ammo)
Justicar Thawn, psycannon & halberd, psycannon & daemonhammer, daemonhammer, 5x halberd, force sword

Heavy Support
Landraider Crusader - psybolt ammo & extra armor

By taking a ten man squad of Paladins instead of two squads of five I've saved myself 20 points (psybolt ammo) and can basically take this option for free with the Grey Knight terminators. Normally I'll split the Paladins into combat squads such that they'll be mostly complex. If I want I can split them so that one squad has four psycannons! I tried to keep each Grey Knight terminator as unique as possible for wound allocation - they still have a good number of halberds for fighting units such as genestealers and wyches. I could have upgraded one Paladin to an apothecary but I feel that these points are better spent on Justicar Thawn since he has some pretty nifty rules such as always being able to return from beyond the grave (I Shall Not Yield).

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