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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

This is how it works...

All the moderators at Dakka Dakka are Gwar's bitches. Last night Frazzled locked down Gwar's SW FAQ thread in YMDC. Gwar then starts a post in General Discussion crying like a baby how unfair it was that Frazzled locked his thread. Yakface comes on and posts an apology to Gwar. The SW FAQ is unlocked and Gwar's crybaby thread is conviently deleted.

That's how it works.


1 comment:

Terminus Est said...

Okay I see now that Gwar's qq post complaining about how his SW FAQ thread was locked has been moved to the Nuts & Bolts forum. The moderator Frazzled of Dakka states that he no longer frequents YMDC due to it's abusive nature. I'm not sure why the thread should appear in the Nuts & Bolts forum as it's for making suggestions and pointing out bugs on the forums.