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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Huge Mechanized Machine of War (HMMoW)

The monkeys stood around Stelek intently listening. "The HHMoW is your salvation. I read all about it in the Book of RAW. it will roll over teh trolles crushing them into paste!"

Bunker clapped his furry paws together. "It just sounds too good to be true and even if this metal clad behemoth of war does exist the trolles with simply fall back to their caves."

"We will burninate them all!" shouted Stelek. "Trölles are not immune to fire."

"And who here will be the first to venture into their caverns?" asked Bunker. The room fell silent. "Its not nearly that simple you foolish newb." said Bunker as his iron gob worked up and down. "We are safe here in the keep and the trolles are afraid of water, they will never risk crossing the deep moat. It is folly to start a war with the trolles."

Stelek smiled at the monkeys and his beady eyes gleamed. "The trolles must be defeated or else they will eventually figure a way into the keep. I have heard tell that there are caves leading from their very lair that lead into the bottom of your dungeon. It's only a matter of time and the defeat at the hands of the FAQ Monster fills them with rage most surely."

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