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Sunday, September 13, 2009

The FAQ Monster cometh...

A pair of monkeys guarding the eastern corner of the castle walls heard a loud commotion. Looking over to the south they saw a vast horde of trolles swarming out from the sunken hills. King Gwar lead them carried about on his iron throne, wearing the crown of dissent and clutching the sceptre of redirection. From the other direction there came the sounds of snorting, the giant FAQ Monster charged out through the swamps rushing blindly into the masses. "Those trolles have finally met their match!" said one of the monkeys. The FAQ Monster hit hard into the closest line of trolles sending them flying about in every direction.

King Gwar leapt down from his iron throne and held up his sceptre "I sayeth to yee FAQ Monster cease and desist! Return to your swamp and begone!"

the FAQ Monster swung around backhanding the King of the Trolles with one of his huge mishapen fists. Gwar was knocked silly tumbling end over end back into his rank and file. Teh FAQ Monster roared and charged again pummeling more of the trolles. Without their leader the hordes soon broke and retreated back in teh sunken hills carrying the inert form of King Gwar as they ran.

"Well I'll be a monkey's uncle!" proclaimed the other ape as the FAQ Monster chased after the swarm of fleeing trolles.

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