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Sunday, September 20, 2009

News from hte Front

The human was partially hidden by the shadows. He held a pizza box and tossed it's contents out amongst the trolles. The beasties were all besides themselves shoving each other out of the way, grabbing at the slices of hot pepperoni pizza and glupping them down. The human lowered his torch and stepped out from hte darkness. The glare from the bright torch made it almost impossible to make him out. "I have heard news that the young naïf named Stelek has taken command of the flying apes and is planning to assault you in your very lair. The apes are all gibbering and ready to go. The defeat of teh great and powerful King Gwar at the hands of teh FAQ Monster has apparently given them much courage. There are plenty of monkeys and they are armed to teh teeth. The day of the trolles looks to be over soon."

king Gwar stumbled over kicking the limp form of the imp named Fetterkey into a deep stinking cistern. All of the trolles stopped eating the pizza momentarily to laugh out loud. Gwar frowned and they all shut up. "The monkeys cannot best my mighty trolles. I have the sceptre of deception. The monkeys rightly fear it."

"They say the monkeys will fill their ears with wax. And they have huge mechanized machine of war to ride into battle. You are doomed." said the human.

"No!" thundered Gwar. "We shall stoop to foul trickery to win. It has worked before and this hte way of teh trolle."

"Word is spreading about that your name means Gay Womens Against Rape. Google it you stupid trolle." with that the human doused his torch in a closeby pool of water snuffing the source of light. The trolles were momentarily blinded and when their acute sight came back the human was long gone. Gwar dropped his drawers and stooped down upon the top of hte cistern. He grunted.

"King Gwar is taking a dump on Fetterkey!" said one of the many trolles. They laughed then broke out into guffaws.

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