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Saturday, October 03, 2009

How I used to play Deathguard when CSM had a good codex

Chaos Lord/Daemonic Strength, Rune, Manreaper, terminator armor, sorceror w. Gift of Chaos, Nurgle's Rot
Chosen: 13x terminators/sorceror upgrade w. Gift of Chaos, 2x reaper autocannons, 4x power fist

7x Possessed/Mark of Nurgle, power fist

The rest of the army was large squads of Plague Bearers. The Possessed would start on the table alone with everything else in reserve. Only the Lord and Chosen had an icon so the daemons had to wait at least at additional turn until they arrived before they could be summoned. The strengths of the army was all T5 and all 5+ INV save. The Plague Bearers would come in huge hordes and swarm the enemy. I used this list in a cityfight campaign and ended up doing very well. There was a very good Dark Eldar player originally from Georgia and I smoked him when we finally played. The original cityfight had some interesting rules which made their way into 5th edition such as not being able to consolidate into a fresh combat and that really hurt the Dark Eldar. My daemons took down his Talos early on and by the end of the game it was all down to just my Lord and three spawns versus a squad of Warriors duking it out to control the central building. The agonized quickly cut through my spawn but the manreaper was the game winner. I never saw him again after that game.


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