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Friday, September 18, 2009

Return of teh Krew...

Stelek sat in the dungeon shackled to a small table. His sack and sword had been confiscated from by the apes. The dungeon was cold and damp. Moss grew upon the brick walls and thin rivulets of monkey pee ran down through the cracks. The smell was horrid.

"Fancy a game of craps!" asked the other prisoner. He was dressed in a large black tee shirt and wore huge denim shorts that hung down past his knees. An overly large striped baseball cap sat upon his head with the bill sticking out the back.

"Just who in the hades do you think you are and why the heck are you wearing those dark sunglasses? It's dark as pitch down here don't you know." the naïf frowned.

"Dont get all worked up over appearance my friend, it's only skin deep as the old saying goes don't you know?" said the prisoner. "Come on now and let's roll teh bonez. It will help to pass time."

"Well okay then." said Stelek. "I don't suppose it will hurt. I used to be somewhat of a dice champion. I just seem to have all kinds of good luck."

The prisoner lowered his sunglasses for a moment and studied the newb. "Okay then friend. Here are a pair of dice for you and here is a pair for me." The prisoner produced a pair of small white dice with black skulls for pips and handed them over. Next he pulled out a pair of large black casino dice with straight sharp edges and red skulls for pips. "You can practically shave yourself with these edges." the prisoner said as he rolled his dice. Up popped a 3 and 4 for the seven. "Lets see your good luck beat that."

Stelek rolled his white dice but could only manage of combination of 1 and 2 for the three. "Crap!" shouted the fat naïf. "Your dice must be loaded! Make sure you roll them next time, no more dropping them on the table you cheat."

the prisoner laughed while rolling again. Up popped a 6 and 1 for the seven.

"I can beat that!" exclaimed the newb as he rolled his dice. A combination of 3 and 5 landed. "These dice are shit! I want to use yours."

"Okay that's fine." said the prisoner as he swapped the dice and rolled again. Up popped a 2 and 5 for a third consecutive seven. "Well it looks like I just won. So much for your good luck." laughed the prisoner. He quickly swept up all four dice from the table and dropped them in his pants pocket.

"You are a cheat!" said Stelek. "Now bugger off."

"Dont I know you?" said the prisoner. "You certainly look quite familar. I think I remember seeing your picture posted in a water closet back in teh day when I served under good King Elixir. You look like you've put on a fair bit of weight since the picture was taken. I seem to remember you frowning and holding up your middle finger."

"You served under King Exilir? That's pure rubbish!" cried the chubby naïf. Stelek stood up and flashed his middle finger on his right hand towards the prisoner.

The prisoner stood up and backhanded Stelek with his big baseball cap, knocking the newb on his fat arse. "You certainly have a big mouth dont you?" said the prisoner. "You are a rather droll sort. I think I'll be moving along now if you don't mind." The prisoner stood up and walked over to the stairwell.

"Don't leave me here!" cried Stelek. "I'm most sorry I called you a cheat. I hate to lose!"

the prisoner started to ascend the steps slowly. "Sounds about right to me. Most definitely a bad case of teh sour grapes you got going on."

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