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Sunday, September 13, 2009

PART TWO • Teh Naif Approachs


Bunker looked at Stelek and frowned. "You really aren't worth the trouble... I'm not sure what we should do with you."

the naïf grinned "How many of you are there?"

"Too many to keep track of. Now I have decided what we should do. Trolles love to eat fat young boys and I'm sure you'd look very tempting to them. I think we are going to use you for bait." Bunker snapped his furry fingers and suddenly a gang of monkeys were on top of the newb, holding him down and tressing him tight with bound rope.

"No!" cried Stelek. "I must fulfill my quest as dictated to me by Teh good King Elixir. If we join forces I feel certain we can overthrow the trolls."

Bunker laughed. "You are a young fool indeed. King Gwar of yee trolles has a magical artefact that gives him power over all others. If he speaks a command then others do exactly as he tells them. We monkeys are safe here in our castle left to us by the dead witch Gauge."

"There must be some of her potent magic left. Why I heard there is a crystal ball here and you can see the future in it. There must be other powerful totems as well. We must fight the trolles!"

"Hmmmm." said the chief ape. "What good would it do us to defeat the trolles? Their presence keeps the kingdom of man off our soil."

Stelek spoke quickly "Once you have beaten down all the trolles you'LL have some most awesome winsauce to take it to teh kingdom."

Bunker frowned and grabbed the newb by his fat pudgy cheeks. "You are a man yourself. I can see know clearly that you lie just like any other." The monkey chief threw up his paws making signs. "Take him to teh dungeon. We'll use him as a lure at dawn."

"No!" cried Stelek again as a greasy gag was stuffed into his mouth.

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