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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Nü Marine - What is It ?

The Primaris Space Marine has quickly gained some serious attention. Stats are given below for the first squad to be introduced. The main advantages tactically are 2 wounds per Marine, the extra attack and the Bolter Rifle which has 30" range and is AP -1. Model wise the Nü Marine is true scale (refer to the first figure below).

For now I am ignoring their background - it could be for any reason to introduce the first in a new wave of Space Marine.

The Primaris Space Marine redefines what is a Space Marine at the very core. The new unit is best compared versus the existing tactical squad. The tactical squad has been around for a long long time and is a staple unit for Space Marines. There was a rumor at one time that the tactical squad would be revamped to have 2 attacks base but never came to fruition.

The existing tactical squad is fundamental being very much a jack of all trades but master of none. The Intercessor squad is much the same but much more survivable with the extra wound better able to survive small arms fire and a decent melee unit, closer in relation to Grey Hunters from the Space Wolves due to the extra attack.

I think they will make a big splash and become quite popular for Space Marine players. Some will say this is a bold move but in truth is just what Space Marines need the most providing a more robust trooper. The changes are at the core level and something totally new.

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