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Monday, May 08, 2017

Assassin - Part 7 - Solitaires

The pitched battle was long and hard fought on both sides. Wave after wave of fresh Templars pressed forward joining the fight from hidden corridors. A pair of towering Wraithlords had coalesced via another webway portal fighting back to back in the center of the holding bay. Their shoulder mounted scatter lasers stitched into the Veteran Templars as they pressed forward against the weight of enemy bolter fire. Bits of Wraithbone flacked off leaving rents in the thick bands of psycoplastic armor. The taller construct leveled its wrist mounted flamers scouring an isolated squad of Veterans. Several of the Marines burst into flame, those closest taking the full brunt of the attack. The Sergeant ignited his power fist and vaulting over the gun wall driving the fist like a pneumatic piston smashing into the Wraithlord's exposed torso. As it toppled over the creature caught him squarely with both fists ripping him apart. Blood and guts sprayed across the killing ground coating the walls with slick crimson. And ropey gore. Uraxes met the last Wraithlord charging straight at him. The dreadnaught melee wrecker weapon unfolded like a blossom as the Ancient caught the huge construct by the neck violently severing its head then crumpled before the unrestrained might of the Leviathan. Battle hymns sounded from the vox attached to the top of the dreadnaught playing back old forgotten pieces from the Unification war.

Ares had single handedly dispatched several of the eldar seers swinging his stave with hard sharp strikes cutting through the weakened xenos kineshield. Many of the Huscarls lay dead upon the ground. The leader of the Seer Council had finally made its bloody way to the pod. A pair of shadowy forms on either side attended to him. Both wore the old colors of the eldar Harlequin Solitaire. "Not one but two." said the Farseer speaking to Ares through the warp. "It will die a most unpleasant death."

"You were warned, you fool." Ares mind blasted his message back telecasting an image of the double headed Aquila. The Farseer involuntarily grimaced then blocked the image.

The Harlequins pried at the hatch exerting their all their force. There came the sudden sound of decompression then one by one the bolts shot out releasing the hatch from inside. One of the bolts struck the Farseer square against the forehead instantaneously pulverizing its skull. A sense of dread foreboding split from the dark opening of the pod shrouding it in a midis of gloom.

One of the Solitaires peered inside arming the monofilament weapon bonded to its arm. A bare hand reached out grabbing a horn and twisted. Silvery black nanites quickly flowed along the arm coating it in a tight body glove extending up to the grasping hand. The Solitaire fought back but could not break the assassin's steely grasp. Another hand snaked out from the gloom catching the other horn as well. Emerging from the hatch the assassin twisted his grip violently snapping the Harlequin's neck. The bound Harlequin's body went slack then the assassin ripped its head off from the shoulders whipping the broken vertebrae around like rope before tossing it aside.

The remaining Solitaire immediately attacked. Catching it by the throat as well the assassin hurled the Harlequin against the pod smashing bone. He kicked it hard several times before it could get up then dropped on it driving his elbows into its face. The Harlequin mask ruptured from the force of the blows revealing its bruised face. With his knees pinning either arm the assassin reached down grasping the Solitaire by its neck and began to choke it. Its tongue swoll up sticking out from the gasping mouth. Pressing his thumbs into its eyes the assassin squeezed hard. Tears of blood dripped down the sides of its face as the assassin crushed its eyes.

Rolling away from the prone body of the Harlequin the assassin stood again facing towards the xenos and waited. Slowly the Solitaire lifted itself up to stand as well. One arm hung limp with a piece of broken bone extruding from its skin. It lashed out blindly with its monofilament weapon as the assassin silently circled around maintaining a safe distance.

"Finish it." said Ares.

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