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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Assassin - Part 8 - Journey


The Vain Glory ever so slowly spiraled out of control in dead space bleeding off massive plasma plumes erupting from the voided core. Some sections of the barge had already broken off from the main hull. All ammunitions were spent, several nova cannons still on automatic bleating off blunt nulled rounds. Many fragmented hulls of eldar ships littered the immediate area surrounding the drifting Imperial barge. Only one eldar ship remained intact circling in steady silence.

Ares lead the last of his company and the assassin through the wreckage towards the bridge. One arm missing he lifted up his stave spreading an ethereal glow to light their path. His face was pale and blooded. Only the Huscarl named McGregor had survived along with Uraxes. The assassin said nothing maintaining a set distance between himself and the last of the Templars. The atmosphere was thin and very cold. Dead bodies from both sides littered everywhere randomly strewn about and in some places built up in high spilling mounds where the fighting had been most intense.

"There is the fluctuating remnant of a webway portal close by." said the Librarian as he came to a stop. He mouthed the words to one of the first spells he had learnt. The thin air began to crackle like static as the warp charge grew. "Go." he said looking towards McGregor. The portal began to open expanding from a pinpoint. "Follow him." Ares said to the assassin.

McGregor looked at the assassin. "You go first. This is your destiny." Suddenly the assassin dove through the portal just as the bulkhead split apart opening up the immediate area to the freezing void of real space. "There is only duty." McGregor said to the dying Ares as he stepped into the webway. Immediately he felt his body begin to sift apart bit by bit down to the molecular level. There was a blinding flash and the sound of a huge explosion then all went pitch black.

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