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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Assassin - Part 9 - McGregor

McGregor first thought of Ares as his corporeal form took solid shape within the sole intact eldar vessel. The Librarian had sholed the Templar expedition force into the very heart of the xenos system and delivered them into the living vessel. He looked to his left spying the shimmering young assassin standing beside him. "Here we stand in the center of the canker. Tell me what is your name son ?"

The assassin turned to look upon the Huscarl. "Paragon." His voice was strange yet strong, the syllables flowing smoothly from his hidden tongue. Paragon wore a skull mask with open orbs to show his blazing eyes. McGregor took care not to look him straight in the eyes.

"Every Eldar Craftworld contains an Infinity Circuit, which is essentially the Wraithbone skeleton of the Craftworld itself. Within this matrix, the souls of all the Craftworld's dead reside in a form of group consciousness, providing both a well of psychic power for the ship and a massive ancestral mind to advise and guide the living." replied the Huscarl. "You were created to poison it by the virtue of your very being." McGregor spat black bile acid from his vox grille involuntarily feeling the twisted hate consuming him like a cancer. Arming his combi weapon he looked upon the interior the eldar vessel. "These eldar are a disease that must be curbed once and for all."

Paragon drew his sword and armed his needle pistol. "I have no wish to die. Life is eternal."

"Only so for so very few. You must corrupt their Infinity Circuit." said the last of the Huscarls. "The Infinity Circuit is the closest thing that the eldar have to an afterlife; if their souls are not caught and integrated into it, they will be lost into the warp and devoured by some unknown entity. For this reason alone the eldar will defend their Craftworlds with a fury and tenacity almost unrivaled; they risk losing not only their home but the souls of their ancestors as well. Their seers could sense you from afar and scry your purpose. You must crack the portal onboard this ship, gain entry to their Infinity Circuit and taint it." McGregor smiled briefly behind his black helm.

"Where are they now?" asked Paragon as he primed his needle pistol.

"The battle was fierce. The enemy underestimated our vast numbers and have suffered great losses... and yet they were unable to stop you. They stand on the brink of utter destruction and ruin. My guess is what remains of their fighting forces have dropped back to defend their Infinity Circuit. Surely they held their most mighty warriors in reserve to make a final stand."

"Their Solitaires proved to be unworthy. What else might they still have?"

"Access your data banks and see for yourself." said McGregor. "You have been programmed with superior battle stratagems to counter whatever they have left to throw your way."

There was a moment of silence as the assassin uploaded the proper melee protocols. "I am ready now."

"Good." said the Huscarl. "I will lend you whatever support I can, even if only serving as a momentary distraction at best."

"You fought well within the Imperial barge." Paragon answered as he made his way forward again. They stopped at regular intervals to plant melta bombs at key points. Each bomb was fixed with an automatic timer. The path they followed was dark and empty. It seemed to slowly spiral inwards to the very heart of the xenos ship. Soon they lost track of time but continued ever forward.

"I sense something ahead, just around the next bend." Paragon said.

"Who wants to live forever?" McGregor answered as he activated his power fist.

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