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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Why I like Imperial Fists for 30k

I have always liked Imperial Fists. Often in 40k they have been portrayed as inept and under achievers - here are two examples... Storm of Iron by Graham McNeil was all about the Iron Warriors at the height of the Chaos Space Marine 4.5 codex. Iron Warriors and Imperial Fists are eternal enemies. if you go to Lexicum there are two versions of the history presented for Rogal Dorn, Primarch of the Imperial Fists. One version is told through the eyes of the infernal powers which shows Dorn in a poor light and it is the more popular version. There is also the Imperial version which is probably more accurate and reveals all the things you never knew. The Imperial Fists as presented in Storm of Iron are a slap stick pushover for the Iron Warriors and present no resistance. In truth the Imperial Fists bested the Iron Warriors many times and are more than an equal match. There is also a short story by Dan Abnett about a Tyranid invasion on an Imperial World. Imperial Fists arrive via drop pod assault and are quickly consumed by the Tyranids. These are two prime examples how Imperial Fists are often poorly portrayed.

Yellow is often considered a hard color to paint which steers a lot of people away from playing them as well. Imperial Fists have fairly mediocre chapter tactics as well. A lot of people don't realize Black Templars are a successor chapter derived from Imperial Fists and Sigusmund was their first Chapter Master and also the original Emperor's Champion. 30k has the Templar Brethren which were a precursor to Black Templars and can be fielded as troops if you take Sigusmund.

30k presents Imperial Fists in a different light though and they are probably one of the stronger Legions. They have very solid characters in the form of Alex Pollus and Sigusmund. Their terminators are the most flexible with access to assault cannons and storm shields, both of which can be fielded in the same unit. While Dorn is not one of the strongest Primarchs he is probably the least pointed and is still solid for what you get. Imperial Fists are siege masters and properly designed for this role in 30k. I've talked about the Stone Gauntlet Rite of War which is kind of a sleeper... Who doesn't want T5 terminators with BS5 when firing boltguns and I5... Plus the 3++. Breachers and the Phalanx Warders also benefit from these rules as well setting them both well above tactical Marines. Oh and their boarding shields count as having defensive grenades on top of everything else.

So check them out - they are special indeed.

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