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Wednesday, March 09, 2016

More about the sheer awesomeness of 30k

As soon as I finish my Imperial Fists army I'm thinking my next project will be a Word Bearers Gal Vorback themed army. Every game I've ever played of 30k is truly sheer awesomeness... I'm not even going to talk about the other game tonight. 30k is gaining a lot of traction and there are a lot of places on the Internet to hang out and discuss this absolutely amazing game. The Betrayal of Calth boxed set is helping to catapult the game to the next level. 30k has something really special going for it - that's Alan Bligh who writes all the rules and he really cares. Forge World releases FAQs for the rules which is a big deal when you stop to think about it. I can easily see 30k taking over in the next five years... People gravitate to what they like which is natural. The game is growing at a nice pace and Forge World tends to do things right and for the right reasons. If you like Space Marines or Chaos Space Marines then check it - you'll be glad you did. You can actually build a fluffy army that is competitive and to me that's saying a lot.

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