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Saturday, March 05, 2016

30k vs 40k

I am working on building a new Imperial Fists army for 30k and it's a lot of fun getting back to modeling again. I'm a bit burnt out on 40k so this is a good project for me. 30k has much better balance and every legion has good rules. The Betrayal at Calth is a great way to get into 30k and I love working with plastic. 30k has been out now for at least five years and is rapidly building up a strong player base. We just had a Zone Mortalis campaign last month that was well attended and there will be another this May re enacting the infamous Ivstann drop site massacre that was the beginning of the Heresy.

There is a lot to choose from now if you're thinking about getting into 30k... It's a great time and is only going to get better. The Horus Heresy has replaced LotR as one of Games Workshop's three main lines so you can expect to see more plastic models releasing over time. I love the Forge World models too.

My new army is Imperial Fists and they have some great rules and their own unique units like Templar Brethren and Sigsumund who was the first Emperor's Champion and later became the Chapter Master of Black Templars. Like I said there are many armies to choose from including Admech and their own brand of Imperial Guard. I've posted an army list but of course it has already evolved over time.

If you like Space Marines then check it out !

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