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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Templar state of mind

To be a true Templar is a state of mind. Forge World has venerated the Templar by virtue of their inclusion in the game of Horus Heresy. Templars date all the way back to the Holy Crusade which is saying something - they are special. There were no fiercer fighter at the time and legend has it they found Solomon's lost Temple during their campaign in the Middle East. Templars still exist today as a secret society.

If you are a fan of Black Templars then you might want to check out the Horus Heresy - not only do the Imperial Fists have one of the best special characters (Sigismund) in the game, they also have access to Templar Brethren which Sigismund automatically converts into a troop choice. My new army project is Imperial Fists which will have a heavy Templar theme... They bring back the magic of old which Black Templars had in the good old days of codex Armageddon.

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