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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Horus Heresy Unit Tactical Analysis - Contemptor Dreadnaught • Spartan Hunter

Here's the new hotness for kitting a Contemptor Dreadnaught to hunt Spartans and other armor with armored ceramite and flare shields.

+++ Contemptor Dreadnaught w. Gravitron (290) +++

Age of Darkness

+ Elites (290) +

Contemptor Dreadnought Talon (290)

Legion Contemptor Dreadnought (290)
Chainfist with inbuilt Graviton Gun - Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon with inbuilt Graviton Gun - Extra Armor


WS:5|BS:5|S:7|Front:13|Side:12|Rear:10|I:4|A:3|HP:3|Type: Walker|

Atomantic Shielding:
Gains 5++ Invulnerable save from shooting attacks and explosions, and a 6++ Invulnerable save in close combat. In addition, add +1 to the range of explosions from the Reactor Blast rule.

Graviton Gun:
Range:18"|Strength:*|AP:4|Type: Heavy 1 - Blast - Concussion - Graviton Pulse - Haywire|

Legion Dreadnought Drop Pod (65)

Assault Vehicle - Burning Retros - Drop Pod Assault - Immobile - Inertial Guidance System

BS:4|Front:12|Side:12|Rear:12|HP:3|Type: Open-topped - Transport (Special)|

++ Selection Rules ++

Assault Vehicle

Burning Retros:
Legion Dreadnought Drop Pods have the Shrouded special rule on the game turn that they arrive (also applying to interceptor fire or similar effects). Upon landing the doors open automatically but the Dreadnought does not have to deploy. In this case the Dreadnought benefits from the effects of Shrouded as do any units whose line of sight passes through or over the Drop Pod on the game turn of its arrival.

Place the drop pod in cover when the Contemptor arrives from reserve - the Dreadnaught drop pod is shrouded the turn it arrives which will stack with the cover save from terrain... It's fairly easy to get a 2++ cover save assuming the drop pod does not scatter out of the terrain. The Contemptor can remain inside the drop pod and shoot out from it. It's Graviton guns have Haywire which glances on a 2+ ignoring armored ceramite and flare shields. This could net two hull points the turn it lands plus the effects of the Graviton Pulse.

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