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Blood Vow

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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Wulfen Tables and Wargear


¨Curse of the Wulfen
All non-vehicle models within 6" is affected. For Blood/Sky/swift claws it is 12", for Long Fangs it is 3". Wulfen, Servitors and units that starts in a transport are not affected.

At the start of the player turn, roll a single dice for all units. The effect lasts until your next player round. Units outside of combat gains the Hunt table effect, units in combat gains the Kill effect.

1-3: re-rolls failed charges and Hammer of Wrath
4-5: Add 3" when you move, run or charge
6: All models gain Furious Charge and gains 1d3 attacks for charging, unless they have Rage.

1-4: +1 initiative
4-5: Re-rolls to wound
6: If killed, you may attack before being removed, even if you already fought in an earlier Initiative step



Helfrost pistol
Grenade launcher
Frostclaw - +1S - AP2 - Shred
Stormhammer - Helfrost

Two Handed Frost Axe - S+3 - AP2 - Strike at normal initiative when charging, otherwise at I1

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