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Friday, January 22, 2016

Deredeo Dreadnaught

Here's another new dreadnaught from Forge World often referred to as the Dorito. The price is right for this one - it's basically the new Mortis Contemptor on crack.

This is the dreadnaught that Flyrants tend to hate with a passion because it will mulch right through one after another. The low point cost for what you get is what makes the Deredeo so good. It is also very good versus light armor and can split fire.

Here is its wargear and special rules...

Stick with the super autocannon battery and twin linked heavy bolter plus you'll be wanting the missile launcher too. I always take the upgrade for armored Ceramite so the dreadnaught laughs at melta weapons.

Due to its great range you can deploy the dreadnaught back in a corner and blast away. Me I'd stick with the autocannon battery over the plasma... Greater range and higher strength plus the autocannon battery re rolls ar,or penetration.

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