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Friday, January 08, 2016

Before and After...


After !

I'll be posting a complete painting tutorial how I created a squad of Space Marine bikers using the Storm Giants color scheme, repainting the original models based on a simple Blood Angels color scheme.

You'll notice I didn't follow the color scheme exactly and the bike is pure red but my interpretation was easy for me to achieve and it's still close to the original. Also the actual name is Storm Lords (White Scars successor chapter of course) but I like Storm Giants better.

It took roughly 20-30 hours to complete this project for six bikers including the attack bike.

Here are the colors I used:

Khorne Red (base)
Mephiston Red (1st layer)
Evil Sunz Scarlet (2nd layer)
Wild Rider Red (highlights and trim)

Abbadon Black (1st base)
Dawnstone Air (2nd base)
Celestine Grey (1st layer)
Ceramite White (2nd layer)
Ceramite White Air (3rd layer)
'Ardcoat (shine effect)

Averland Sunset (base)
Yriel Yellow (1st layer)
Cassandora Yellow (wash)
Flash Gitz Yellow (2nd layer)

I used decals to add a nice touch to the unit such as squad type and number.

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