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Monday, January 25, 2016

How Grav has brought back the Space Marine tactical squad

The tactical squad at one time was one of the best troop choices in the game back when a five man squad could take both a heavy and special weapon. This unfortunately changed when the fifth edition codex dropped with the re advent of combat squads. I have never been a fan of combat squads... Five Space Marines die too easy. Another big factor was the point cost. Now that tactical Marines have access to the grav cannon and the big reduction in cost the five man squad is viable again. Here is a solid basic build:

3x tactical Marine
tactical Marine - Grav Cannon and Grav Amp
Sergeant - Combi-Grav - Melta Bombs - Auspex
Rhino - Dozer Blade

Ultramarines and White Scars chapter tactics are the best and fielding Khan allows your tactical squads to scout move or outflank. If you field a Demi Company these units benefit from the Ultramarine Tactical Doctrine. If you field a Gladius Strike Force (GSF) then your White Scars have access to all of the Ultramarine chapter tactics as well which a huge bonus along with the free transports for GSF. The combination of the scout move with several tactical squads embarked in rhinos is very powerful and provides an excellent opportunity to perform an alpha strike. If you field a GSF I think the best combination is three tactical squads in rhinos and three more in drop pods. You have five units that can concentrate their fire power the first turn for the alpha strike.

Personally I am more inclined to run one Demi Company so I have a lot of points left over for other more specialized units that can't be selected for these formations such as biker squads and the Librarius Conclave. I would run Khan on Moondrakken attached to a biker command squad. You can add a combined arms detachment to your Demi Company.

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