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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Khorne 2250 point Unbound Army List

Here is Chaos army list I ran yesterday at a local 2250 point unbound tournament -

Chaos Typhon (Lord of War - Chaos Space Marines)
Lascannon sponsons - Armored ceramite - 1st War of Armageddon (legacy)

Kytan - Daemon Engine of Khorne (Lord of War - Khorne Daemonkin)

Belakor (Chaos data sheet)

11x Pink Horror (Daemons)

20x Flesh Hound (Khorne Daemonkin)

Chaos Lord (Khorne Daemonkin)
Juggernaut - Power Fist - Goredrinker - Sigil of Corruption

Herald (Khorne Daemonkin)
Juggernaught - Hellblade - Lesser Loci (Adamantium Will) - Brazen Rune)

Chaos Sorcerer (CSM)
Level 3 - Bike - Melta bombs - Force axe

I faced the following three armies:

Necrons + Admech
Space Wolves - Dark Angels - Librarius Conclave - Astra Militarum
Space Marines - Grey Knights - Imperial Knights

I won all three games but the win versus the second army was converted to a loss due to a technicality. The first and third games were fairly easy while the second game was focused on playing to the mission - as we all know it's hard to deal with an invisible WolfStar. Even though my army list is unbound it showcases some of the stronger units Chaos has at its disposal. The Kytan is truly a beast and probably the MVP along with Belakor. There's enough total warp charge and psychic defense built into the army to go toe to toe with other heavy psychic armies.

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