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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

BikeStar vs. Chaos Pre Game Analysis

First I'd like to point out the Chaos army relies upon being an uncommon list that causes confusion for the opponent which can lead to bad decisions. I have played against an earlier pre existing version of the army and was able to watch two video batreps featuring the new Chaos army.

Second I brought my army this time which is pure biker - something I'm intimately familiar with now. I don't like using tactical Marines and consider them to be not really worth their points. I am actually more mobile which is a big deal.

My game plan is to play defensively the first two turns, not make any big mistakes then crank it up when each turn objective is worth 3 victory points. Yes I'll have an invisible deathstar but that spell is guaranteed for Chaos. My army has some buffs for rerolling hits which can be huge... It's all about chipping away at the stone.

So I think my chances are better this time but every game versus Kenny is like a super heavy weight fist fight plus he always has some tricks up his sleeve.

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