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Tuesday, August 04, 2015

DraigoStar Tactica • Selecting Psychic Lores and Casting Order

Here are my initial thoughts on selecting psychic lores for the new and improved DraigoStar featuring the Librarius Conclave and the order in which to cast them. Draigo's psychic powers obviously are pre selected and he is mainly there for the Gate of Infinity (GoI). I cast GoI first if I really need it since you'll need the 4+ and you have dice to spare.

Level 3 Grey Knight Librarian - Divination
I always select the primaris power Prescience since the star is very shooty but it also helps a lot in close combat when needed. Cast this power right after GoI because you'll need 5-6 dice since it requires two warp charge. If you select Ultramarine chapter tactics you can pop the Devastator doctrine once if you should fail to cast Prescience to re roll hits for the Devastator Centurions. Perfect Timing is another high order psychic power and sometimes more important than Prescience. These are typically the two most beneficial powers from this lore for DraigoStar.

Tigerius (Level 3) - Telepathy
Obviously you want Invisibility and Tigerius is your best bet since he can re roll when selecting each of his psychic powers. I start casting with the Librarius Conclave right after Draigo and the Grey Knight Librarian... Tigerius is successfully casting on a 2+ with the re roll; he is going to get most of his powers each turn and there's a good chance your opponent will have already expended his warp pool by the timing you start casting with Tigerius so he's very hard to deny. I take the primaris power Psychic Shriek - if you follow my order you'll be able to re roll to hit since Psychic Shriek is a witchfire assuming you've successfully cast Prescience first. Psychic Shriek is great for removing a nearby enemy unit camping on an objective or bubble wrapping another enemy unit you want to assault. Make sure to first cast Terrify should you get it for the -1 leadership reduction. These are the main powers for Tigerius. Dominate is another good combination with Terrify and could be a game changer.

1st Conclave Librarian (Level 2) - Varies
If you don't manage to get Invisibility with Tigerius and really need this is your second chance. If on the other hand you got Invisibility already then I switch over to the Biomancy Lore. Endurance is the best for the 4+ Feel No Pain (FNP) to buff DraigoStar. Life Leech is great for restoring lost wounds. Enfeeble is another good one too.

If you get Endurance make sure to cast it first with the Conclave for FNP to help manage Perils of the Warp since it can effectively block the loss of wounds.

2nd Conclave Librarian (Level 2) - Varies
This is your last shot at getting Invisibility otherwise I'm liking Telekenesis as the last lore and there are some really good psychic powers such as Crush, Levitate and Maelstrom. Levitate lets you move DraigoStar up to 12" which is great for following up on a bad scatter for GoI making sure they are in range to shoot and/or placing them outside of assault range from an enemy dedicated melee unit. The other two are witchfire and good for softening up troublesome enemy units including vehicles.

So if you follow my guidelines your DraigoStar will be buffed with the best psychic power available. There are some other great combinations such as Forewarning and Sanctuary... Tigerius, the two Librarians and Centurions will have a 3++ invulnerable save which be further enhanced by way of Precognition.

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