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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

DraigoStar Tactica 201 • Casting Psychic Powers

I wrote a tactica not too long ago about casting psychic powers with DraigoStar. I have since accumulated more battle experience and want to update the selection and order of casting psychic powers for this army. DraigoStar is one of the strongest builds for a psychic laden army but when push comes to shove can still lay down the pain without any psychic buffs... Yes they are just that good.

Note that when I mention any Primaris power I always elect to use Psychic Focus for the character which automatically grants an additional psychic power.

Here are my psykers:

+++ Grey Knights +++

Khaldor Draigo (Lord of War) - Level 2 Psyker, Daemonlogy Santic
Draigo's powers are inbuilt. His main power is Gate of Infinity which is one warp charge. If you play it right you'll only need to cast this power once or twice versus most armies. Draigo also has Banishment which is great versus daemons (one warp charge) and he successfully casts it on a 2+. His other two major powers are Force and Hammerhand which are both also one warp charge.

Grey Knight Librarian (HQ) - Level 3 Psyker
You can choose the Librarian's lore - my typical choice is Divination but Telekenesis is also a good one. I equip mine with the Liber Daemonica which allows him to roll for one power from the Santic lore hoping to get Santuary. This wargear also allows Grey Knights to re roll 1s which can be clutch. If you select Divination you automatically get Prescience (two warp charges) which is a backup to the Librarius Conclave. Prescience is one of the most important psychic powers for DraigoStar since it is a huge buff to the Devastator Centurions' shooting and melee.

+++ Librarius Conclave +++

Chief Librarian Tigerius - Level 3 Psyker
You can choose your lore for Tigerius - Telepathy is the obvious choice. You'll get Psychic Shriek (one warp charge) since it's the Primaris power and the odds are very high you'll get Invisibility (two warp charges). Shrouding (one warp charge) is great defense for any enemy shooting that manages to get past Invisibility and can make your Stormraven gunship nigh unkillable if you move into the area of effect. Dominate (one warp charge) is a great malediction that can potentially shut down an enemy unit. Shriek and Dominate both combine well with Terrify (one warp charge) since these psychic powers all are based around enemy leadership.

I select Tigerius as my Warlord because his built-in Warlord Trait Storm of Fire is very powerful. This trait allows you to choose one friendly unit from the same Chapter within 12" and their shooting attack becomes rending. This works well in conjunction with either a Stormraven gunship equipped with Hurricane bolter sponsons or the Devastator Centurions' secondary weapon system (missile launchers or stormbolters).

Librarian #1 - Level 2 Psyker
Go for Divination for Prescience - Tigerius can cast psychic powers on a 2+ due to Empyric Channeling which combined with his ability to re roll is almost automatic. As I said above Prescience is one of the most fundamental psychic powers and you'll want to cast it every turn. The other two really good psychic powers are Perfect Timing (one warp charge) to ignore cover and Misfortune (two warp charges) which is a malediction causing all attacks to be rending versus the chosen enemy unit that turn. Scryer's Gaze (two warp charges) lets you control your reserves and combined which Tigerius' ability to re roll reserves for units from the same faction is a big boon. Forewarning (one warp charge) combined with Sanctuary from the Sanctic lore combines for a 3++ invulnerable save for your deathstar... This combination makes for a great defense and gifts Draigo with a 2++ invulnerable save.

Librarian #2 - Level 2 Psyker
I choose Biomancy in hopes of rolling Endurance (two warp charges). Endurance grants the psyker's unit a 4+ Feel No Pain and Eternal Warrior. Life Leech (one warp charge) is another good one since you can restore wounds to your deathstar which is also clutch.

Order of Casting Psychic Powers
0. If you need to Gate cast this first via Draigo. I roll 5-6 dice and sometimes it still fails to go off. This is a great way to bait your opponent to use up their warp pool in the beginning of your own psychic phase.

1. Starting with Tigerius first cast Endurance so your psychic deathstar has the 4+ Feel No Pain... This a great way to mitigate Perils of the Warp. Tigerius can successfully cast level 2 psychic powers on only two dice each.

2. Next cast Invisibility with Tigerius which only requires two to three dice.

3. Next cast Prescience with Tigerius for the re rolls. This will greatly buff any witchfire he later casts such as Life Leech or Psychic Shriek since you can automatically re roll to hit.

4. Cast Force and/or Hammerhand with the Grey Knight Librarian if melee is imminent.

At this point you have cast the Big Three psychic powers and probably depleted your opponent's warp charge pool. If you have other psychic powers you would like to cast with the Librarius Conclave then cast them after step 3 with Tigerius and prior to step 4.

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