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Thursday, August 27, 2015

BeakyCon5 Loot !

Here are some of the loot we are handing out this year at BeakyCon5 - these are from Battle Cap Markers and they are super awesome. These are part of the registration fee... Everyone attending get these.

Prize support will also come from Chessex dice and we reached outside of the tournament - the response was tremendous in support - thanks to everyone all over the world who helped out.

This year we are handing out four awesome Fat Mats from Frontline Games. I am a huge supporter of Reecius for all the good things he does for the community.

We will also be handing out some Knight Titan bases from Dragon Forge - they are truly amazing.

We want to give the most prize support ever for a Grand Tournament in the state of Florida and make this a truly special event everyone will always remember and enjoy.

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