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Sunday, August 16, 2015

From Dorner on the ETC in response to my recent article

From Dorner:

I was present at this year’s ETC. I think the American team was maybe the strongest
ever and maybe the strongest performance to date, considering who they meet. I
therefore would be hesitant to change the selection process (eg in Denmark we
base our selection on a team national playoff, which also have it’s drawbacks).
t he American performance:
- Round 1: Won over Spain
- Round 2: Drew Italy (missed 1 BP for a win)
- Round 3: Won over England who came 6th at ETC 2015
- Round 4: Won over Wales who came 4th at ETC 2015
- Round 5: Lost to Germany the winner of ETC 2015
- Round 6: Just lost (by 2 BP) to Sweden who came second (if had won US would have been
2nd, if draw would have been 3rd).
England and Wales are two very good opponents to win over.
I agree on the list/meta argument.

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