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Sunday, August 23, 2015

1500 point Batrep • DraigoStar vs. Decurion

I attended a local tournament today and this is the batrep for the second round versus the Necron Decurion detachment.

Here is my army list:

Grey Knight Nemesis Strike Force

++ Lord of War ++
Khaldor Draigo

++ HQ ++
Librarian - Level 3 Psychic Mastery
Nemesis Daemonhammer - Stormbolter
Divination: Forewarning, Misfortune, Precognition, Prescience

++ Troops ++
4x Grey Knight - Nemesis Force Swords
Justicar - Nemesis Force Sword

++ Fast Attack ++
Stormraven Gunship - Twin Linked Multi-Melta - Twin-Linked Assault Cannon

Librarius Conclave (Ultramarines)

Tigerius /Warlord - Storm of Fire
Telepathy: Dominate, Invisibility, Psychic Shriek, Terrify

Librarian - Level 2 Psychic Mastery
Force Axe
Divination: Prescience - Misfortune - Perfect Timing

Librarian - Level 2 Psychic Mastery
Biomancy: Smite, Endurance, Life Leech

Space Marines Allied Detachment (Ultramarines)

++ HQ ++
Techmarine - Power Fist

++ Troops ++
4x Scout - Bolt Pistols & Chainswords
Sergeant - Bolt Pistol & Chainsword
Landspeeder Storm - Heavy Flamer

++ Heavy Support ++
2x Devastator Centurion - 2x Grav Cannon & Grav Amps - Missile Launchers
Sergeant - Twin Linked Lascannon - Missile Launcher - Omniscope

I got the big three psychic powers I really needed to juice the deathstar - Endurance, Invisibility and Prescience. Force and Hammerhand would be very important too.

Here is my opponent's Decurion army list to the best of my memory...

++ HQ ++
Barge Lord /Warlord (WLT - ?)

++ Troops ++
10x Warrior

10x Warrior

5x Immortal - Gauss Blasters

++ Elites ++
5x Lychguard - Swords & Shields

++ Fast Attack ++
3x Tomb Blade - ranged blast weapons

++ Heavy Support ++


++ Canoptek Harvest Formation ++
6x Wraith - Whip Coils

6x Scarab


The primary objective was The Relic and deployment was Dawn of War. I won the roll to deploy first. I elected to deploy first and go second.

I deployed the Centurion Devastators with Draigo, Grey Knight Librarian, Tigerius and the other two Librarians from the conclave all attached in a centrally located ruin on the edge of my deployment zone. I held everything else in reserve. I've got a pool of 12 warp charge starting on the table.

Note - I didn't know the Landspeeder has a capacity for only five Marines and mistakenly attached the Techmarine to the scouts embarked in the transport but it had no effect on the outcome of the game.

My opponent centrally deployed his Canoptek Harvest with the Wraiths up front and his Bargelord close by. He also deployed the Tomb Blades over on his left flank.

We both held everything else in reserve with the Strike squad embarked in the Stormraven.

I elected to go second.

1st Turn - Necrons
Everything moves forward directly towards my deathstar. The Tomb Blades drop their blasts but fail to drop any wounds then the Bargelord flats out towards them and the Harvest runs forward. Note the Wraiths are on top of the Relic now.

1st Turn - DraigoStar
The Wraiths are quite close and with a decent charge roll I should be able to assault them so I move my deathstar straight towards them.

I successfully cast the following psychic powers this turn...

Tigerius: Invisibility, Prescience, Endurance, Force & Life Leech - witchfire drops two of the Scarabs.

Draigo: Hammerhand

GK Librarian: Forewarning

Combined shooting drops two Wraiths and one wound on another. I then fail the charge by 1"... Wow they were really close too.

2nd Turn - Necrons
Two Nightscythes full of Warriors come in from reserve along with the Lychguard. The Wraiths pick up the Relic and move back away from Draigo and company dragging the Relic with them while the Lychguard disembark to screen them. The Scarabs move into charge range with the Bargelord not far behind. Necron shooting manages to drop one wound on a Centurion. The Scarabs make the charge but Bargelord falls a couple inches short. Draigo strikes first to finish off the rest of the Scarabs for First Blood. The deathstar then consolidates forward toward the Lychguard.

2nd Turn - DraigoStar
The Stormraven gunship comes in from reserve drawing a bead on one of the Warriors' Nightscythe - the Strike squad paratroops inside a ruin safely. The Landspeeder fails to arrive this turn. Draigo and company straddle around the Lychguard so they are in position to multi assault both them and the Wraithe.

I manage to successfully cast the same psychic powers again this turn plus I Misfortune the Nightscythe closest to the Stormraven. Life Leech wounds a Wraith restoring the lost wound for the Centurion.

Shooting sees the Stormraven pop the scythe full of Warriors that go into ongoing reserve. The Strike squad manages to drop two of the Tomb Blades but the remaining one passes its leadership test. Draigo split fires into the Wraiths for no damage while of the deathstar shooting brings the Lychguard down to the last one whom breaks and flees away. I then assault the Wraiths and they are wiped out taking no wounds in return. The deathstar consolidates on top of the Relic.

3rd Turn - Necrons
A couple more flyers arrive from reserve. Bargelord goes for the suicide mission lining up a charge on my deathstar. Shooting is ineffective with everything targeting the deathstar. The Bargelord rushes to his doom and is destroyed before he can swing. My opponent then concedes the match.

This was my second victory in a row with the first game also versus another Decurion army.

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