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Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Space Marine Dreadnaught

The new codex is available for purchase tomorrow - very exciting. If you've been following the internet you know it's probably going to be the best ever Space Marine codex and that's saying a lot. My favorite was the fourth edition by Grahsm McNeil... God bless him !!! space Marines lost nothing and gained so much. Thank you GW for all the love... It will be appreciated until the end of time.

I am going to be doing a series of tactical reviews about basic units such as scouts and dreadnaught. Everybody knows how good are scouts and now they are BS4-WS4 again as it should be - a big screw to all the haters. I feel really bad for all the armies that got the screw like my beloved Blood Angels and the Orks. It is what it is though and we have to just make the best of it. If you love Space Marines it's like winning big at Los Vegas - cherish it.

I think people play the dreadnaught wrong. It's primary function is in melee. If you're foot slogging it or dropping it in a pod it will never reach its true potential. Dreadnaughts should be attached to the grapple on a Stormraven and this is something only Space Marines, Blood Angels and Grey Knights can do. With the new rules for monstrous creatures they have a real problem versus the basic dreadnaught. The Iron Clad is an amazing specimen of a dreadnaught with AV13 on the front and sides of the chassis. Blood Angels and Space Wolves have highly specialized Dreadnaughts that excel in melee... The Furioso is one of the best with stock power fists.

It's time to re examine the worth of the dreadnaught and work them into our army lists. The dreadnaught can be the 500 pound gorilla no one knows how to handle. I'm not saying they will be big again but they could be for sure. Get them into combat and they can overpower most enemy units. Even the ever ubiquitous Riptide doesn't want to fight them and that says a lot. The nerf to Smash in seventh edition is what brought them back in a big way so take advantage.

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