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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Ravenwing Combinations

7th edition is all about the combinations so what's best for Ravenwing ?

I've already posted my initial army list. I will be playing a pure biker army and see how that unfolds first. I don't think Ravenwing lends itself well to a Death Star style which equates to more biker units plus one of the inherent strengths of Ravenwing versus White Scars is the former has more biker units to choose which is very interesting.

So back to the question... I'm thinking one to two Imperial Knights is an excellent choice for the combination as bikes and Knights can match each others' speed - basically your classic hammer and anvil. I see Imperial Knights as being more fragile now with the boosts to the eldar Wraithknight. It's a very risky situation to assault the Wraithknight with an Imperial Knight - I've seen one Wraightknight take down three Imperial Knights the first three turns of a game... Ouch !

To me the optimal build is a Knight with two ranged weapon systems versus the ever ubiquitous chain sword. Ravenwing lack long range fire power plus the real strength of any Imperial Knight is their stomp attacks. The Melta Cannon is the better choice versus the Battle Cannon as S8 is not very good versus armor plus the S9 AP1 forces the 2+ save to either jink or rely upon an invulnerable save.

The bikes should act as a vanguard pushing up aggressively ahead of the Knight preventing the enemy from drawing ideal positions to shoot or assault it. The Imperial Knight can assault once the bikes lock down enemy units in melee then hit and run away. This is a tactic that can be repeated several times over the course of a game... It's very basic and reliable due to the inherent speed of these units.

I'm sure there are other great combinations as well but this one seems so obvious I thought I'd touch on it first.

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