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Saturday, June 27, 2015

First place with BikeStar • Multi-Tie

My BikeStar came in first place at a local RTT via a three way tie... Kind of funny.

Three of us finished 2-1 and nobody went 3-0.

First round was versus Salamanders... Easy win. Took out the Imperial Knight in the first round of close combat - S10 is where it's at ! Managed to concuss it with grav fire on Overwatch - I had up Foredboding (full ballistic skill on Overwatch) and Prescience for twin linking the command squad's grav guns.

Second round barely lost to a Necron Decurion army...dice were atrocious. Got a bit overly aggressive then rolled five 1s in a row to lose my Chapter Master, then again to lose my Wolf Lord.

Third and final round was versus another Decution and ended with a big win.

We were playing the ATC missions to practice for July in Chattanooga.

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