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Monday, June 15, 2015

The new BikeStar

I'm going to take a break from playing White Scars after Texas WarGamesCon this weekend. That said there is an even more Killy BikeStar now...

Iron Hands Supplement:
Chapter Master - Gorgon Chains - Artificer Armor - Power Fist - Lightning Claw - Auspex
Command Squad - Bikes - 5x Stormshield - 3x Grav Gun - 2x Thunderhammer - 3x Meltabombs

Librarian Conclave:
3x Librarian (all Level 2) - 3x Bike - 3x Force Axe - 3x Meltabombs

Blood Angels:
Sanguinary Priest - Bike - Valor's Edge

Librarians roll on Telepathy and Biomancy looking for Endurance and Invisibility.

Chapter Master has 2+ FNP with Endurance up and running.

Most unkillable unit in the game now.

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