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Friday, June 19, 2015

Skyhammer Annilihation Force Part 2

This new formation is all the rage on the internet now but to be honest I'm wondering if it's really all that OP. Sure the grav devs can be quite nasty versus certain units but even being able to charge the turn the assault Marines deep strike isn't what I'd consider a real gamer winner as they are just assault Marines. So basically you can have a maximum of eight grav devs popping out of the sky on turn 1 or 2 and they are relentless. I watched a video batrep where the really nice Admech formation with some drop pods via Blood Angels made mincemeat out of them in short order. I don't think the Skyhammer formation would have much of an impact versus Necrons. Basically the counter tactic is to bubble wrap or keep your best units vulnerable to grav in reserves. If eldar go first all they have to do is jink. The Admech formation from White Dwarf is really a lot better - for example a 1750 point list can easily take up to 500 points of free wargear plus they have their rules bonuses as well.

I'd much rather invest the points in grav cents - they lost nothing.

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