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Sunday, March 08, 2015

Last two games at Crucible GT

So day 2 I'm 1-2 going into the fourth game... Not good but like I said the tables were extremely sparse on terrain and the two armies I lost to had plenty of ignore cover high strength armor ignoring ranged shooting. The fourth game is versus eldar with allied Tau so again I'll be facing another army with ignore cover and again the table is light on terrain. I get Stealth in Ruins for my Warlord Trait - there are two pieces of terrain that look like ruins to me but my opponent disagrees... Whatever. It turned out to be a very close game - I was winning the secondary objective which was Maelström, ahead on kill points and it all comes down to my BikeStsr versus his Wraithknight and Riptide which are both down to 1-2 wounds each. BikeStar is depleted though and the Chapter Master whiffs versus the Wraithknight. Another loss but could have easily gone the other way.

So now I'm 1-3 with my favorite army. The final match is versus Tau with Tau allies featuring two big sniper drone teams. Again another table with no line of sight blocking terrain. I get three breaks this game though:

My Warlord Trait is Master of Ambush

My Librarian rolls Invisibility

My opponent deploys the bulk of his army on one side of the only line of sight blocking terrain on the table (DoW deployment)

I deploy one bike squad far back in table quarter away from the Tau gun line. I attach the Rune Priest and Iron Priest to another biker squad to use as bait. The other bike squad I deploy centrally. I attach the Chapter Master and Librarian to the command squad and infiltrate them beside the Tau gun line with the intervening line of sight blocking terrain so he can't see them.

First turn the drop pod lands in the line of sight blocking terrain - Grey Hunters disembark behind the terrain as well. Over the first half of the game I lose two bike squads to the sniper drones - wow it takes like ten minutes at least each turn for these squads to shoot... Roll to hit, re roll missed hits, set aside the precision hits, roll to wound then pick out the precision shots that wounded. It's brutal. Over the second half of the game BikeStar gets stuck into the Tau gun line and quickly dismantles everything including a Riptide then they hunt down whatever else is left. So I end up winning the last game by a massacre.

So I finish 2-3 but taking into account the terrain on the table and my match ups it's really no big surprise. Of the the three GTs I attended in February this was the least fun and usually I enjoy playing at Crucible. Oh well this is not the last time I'll take my BikeStar to a GT this year - there will be some redemption for sure ! I have contacted two of my opponents I lost to for the rematch so expect some awesome Batreps next month!

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