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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Death Jesters Beware - It's time to break out the Chaplains and Wolf Priests !

So Phil Kelly done did it again - the new rules for Harlequins Death Jester cause a break check at -4 leadership and the eldar player can choose what direction they fall back. This sounds like the bane of any non fearless biker army... Non fearless being the caveat. If the new Harlequins make a big splash then it's time to break out your Chaplains and Wolf Priests again... Hello Ulric ! Besides making your BikeStar fearless these characters have other really cool abilities such as preferred enemy for the Wolf Priest which is really good for all those grav guns in your command squad. Chaplains and Wolf Priests basically do the same things but in different ways.

I always take a company banner in my command which lets all friendly units within 12" re roll failed leadership tests. So it's not a big deal with some simple adjustments and bikers are actually the bane of Harlequins. If Harlequins get a bad rep on the Internet who cares? They are expensive for what you get with mostly subpar units in terms of what they can do.

Chaplains and Wolf Priests are spiritual leaders in a game that plays heavily on psychic powers. If the Death Jester does become popular you'll see a shift towards these types of characters and the rules may have been driven solely to increase sales while divesting the meta. In a way it could be a deflowering of the current meta which happens from time to time for whatever reason. Maybe it's a good time to completely divest from psychic powers as a cleansing of the game which would be a backfire for Games Workshop and it doesn't have to be a bad thing. Spirituality opens doors. It is all about picking the right ones.

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