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Friday, March 27, 2015

Khorne Daemonkin Codex Review

So I have read most of the codex, had some time to think about it and discuss it with another fellow World Eater. Keep in mind nothing I say here is meant to be negative and I am planning to play Khorne again. Here are the salient points:

It looks like overall GW doesn't want to redesign Chaos. All of the units in the codex are the same as existing and there are no new units. This codex is a way for GW to repackage what they already have to increase sales. There are some new rules which can be useful though.

If you like to play Khorne this is as good as it's going to get for awhile.

I see potential using this codex to select a small combined arms detachment to work with one to two more detachments outside of Daemonkin - Chaos Space Marines (CSM) and Chaos Daemons. You can design a well themed army that is competitive.

I don't think Daemonkin got the points breaks like other new codices released for both sixth and seventh edition but oh well by selecting the right units you'll be okay.

My vision of a competitive Khorne army is one that can quickly and reliably get stuck into mėlee. You can do it which is what you really want - Khorne is all about mėlee... Blood for the Blood God and some big skulls mounted on the wall !!!

I want to field an army that revolves around heavy cavalry supported by the Greater Brass Scorpion for fire support. Daemonkin are fearless therefore you can do the following:

— Attach a CSM independent character to a squad of Daemonkin; e.g., Chaos Lord mounted on a Juggernaught attached to Bloodcrushers

— Attach a Daemonkin Herald to a CSM squad; e.g., Herald attached to a squad of Berserkers

This point is the strongest thing going for Daemonkin and no other Chaos power can do it. It's truly something new and can be utilized to design a competitive army that can go head to head with the likes of eldar spamming wave serpents and Wraightknights. If you can't efficiently handle either you've got a problem from a tournament perspective. I'm not looking to exploit the codex such as running eight Maulerfiends but I want to be able to run with the big boys too.

If you can see where I'm going with this we see eye to eye. I will post a sample army list once the codex is officially released. The special detachments and formations aren't doing much for me because of the tax involved - that is I don't want to run Possessed or even cultists. If all this seems a bit hazy I think once I post a list it will all become quite clear. Pure Khorne is very simple.

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