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Tuesday, March 03, 2015

A death in my family - Anthem Games

I was a tournament organizer at Anthem Games for over a period of five years. It was my most favorite place to hang out and play 40k my most favorite game ever. Anthem Games was deeply embedded in 40k culture. It's so sad to see them go and so are many people in the Tampa area.

The good news is there are still many places to play:

Aramada Games - Tampa
Critical Hits Games - Saint Petersburg (awesome)
Emerald City Comics - Largo
Hobbytown - Tampa
Serenity Games - Saint Petersburg (awesome)

Support your stores - they are the life blood of the hobby. Stores come and go unfortunately - it can creep up and catch you off guard. I purchase most everything from shops to support them excluding puppetswar and good old Forge World.

A personal note about Serenity Gamez - I was at the point of quitting the game then played some games there... The good fellowship there brought me back into the fold.

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