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Saturday, March 07, 2015


This is a big year here in Florida for 40k. BeakyCon will allow unlimited detachments, formations and Lords of War. I ran a survey and this is what most people want to play that responded. I will not be attending any more major events that cap combined arms detachments at 0-1 with the one exception of the ATC. Locally I will be able to attend a neighborhood RTT this month that is allowing multiple CADs, formations and Lords of War. I am so excited about it !

Some people fear multiple CADs due to spamming but on the other hand it opens the door to some very exciting well themed armies. I would love to eventually build an Ork army featuring the mega armored Nobz and five scouting battlewagons. As the new Necron codex has shown this is the way of the future. Old school tournament organizers be warned - you will go the way of the dinosaurs unless you can adapt. I'm not joking either and for me this is my number one big thing about 40k. The poll I ran for BeakyCon showed that the vast majority who responded want access to Lords of War including non codex.

Dinosaurs once ruled the earth. Everything changes.

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