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Friday, June 27, 2014

Why I'm bringing pure Nurgle to ATC this year

I brought a pure Nurgle army last year—so this will be two years in a row now. My army list this year is exactly the same as last year expect for one less Heldrake. I didn't do so well last year but honestly my dice were very unkind to me the first two games and it happens to the very best. I want to make a statement this year to show just what I can really do and I believe I will.

Nurgle has all the right tools to best eldar... Tau are not a problem. Nurgle has so many great things going for it and to me they are currently the strongest Chaos power. Tzneetch on the other hand has taken a really big hit from the nerf bat and lots of people have said it was formerly the best. You rarely ever see any Khorne and Slaanesh is truly a T3 army... It is what it is.

Legio Morbidus is one of top favorite armies. In many ways they are the Space Wolves of Chaos but much more highly evolved and have true free will. Nurgle are the cosmic hippies of 40k... they always have been. Death is a doorway to a new beginning.

There has been a lot of hate and nerd rage on the Internet since the release of the current Chaos Space Marine codex—this coming from people who want another POINT AND CLICK EZ WIN BUTTON army... Shame shame. WAAC players always ruin everything for everybody. It is what it is.

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