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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

My predictions for eldar and Tau in 7th edition

I'm not going to lie... Eldar and Tau were at the very top in 6th edition - which as we all know was a very problematic edition. Look at all the people that suddenly want to rewrite core rules. GW had to overhaul the game to save their cash cow and I don't blame them in that regard. Contrary to some rumors Hasbro is not going to bail them out any time soon.

Tau are already hurting on multiple levels - you can't deny it. Phil Kelly's best ever codex was Orks... I hope they never let him write another codex because he does so much damage every time. Look at dark eldar versus eldar - it's obvious he loves eldar... They will probably be T4 across the board for some insane reason if he gets to write the codex an unprecedented three times in a row which would be so wrong on multiple levels. I remember when only a few eldar units had a 3+ armor save and BS4.

In my opinion eldar didn't really get much out of 7th edition and it is another epic fail codex because it cannot stand the test of time. Phil Kelly is well known for writing codices that have a few MUST TAKE units and everything else sucks. Phil is responsible for the 2++ re rollable save (Chaos daemons and eldar for the double suck) which is probably THE most hated thing ever in 40k... It's really super stupid however you slice it. Please GW don't let him write anymore codices. I love Space Wolves so much but refused to play them in 6th edition because they were so over the top. I am one of those guys who never took rad grenades, psykotropic grenades or mind shackle scarabs... I'd like to think I don't need to win that bad.

GW has a lot of competition these days... Two codices staying at the top for more than two years will kill them from a business perspective. The good old days are over. While eldar is the most popular army as of today I'd never play it because it's so broken... And I can beat Wave Serpent spam any day of the week in a fair match.

There has been a lot of nerd rage over the new rules for Invisible... Obviously Tau and eldar hate it due to its threat. Deal with it. That is all I have to say for now.


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