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Sunday, June 08, 2014

BeakyCon4 - Making a great GT even better

This will be our fourth year in a row now. Every year we have sold out. I can say without a doubt we hand out by far the most prize support for any 40k event in the state of Florida. Two years ago we gave away a 2500+ point pro painted dark eldar army with two carrying cases. We have have handed out over $1000 in prize support every year not including other incidental items such as Beaky dice and custom objective markers. The event uses the W-L system - love it or hate it - and our philosophy has always been to handsomely reward the top players who make it to the top four on the second day of the event.

This year we will use Torrent of Fire for tracking scores and pairings which will be displayed at all times for everyone to see. Big name events such NOVA, LVO and Feast of Blades use Torrent of Fire. So if you're planning to attend get ready for an awesome time!

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