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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Part 3 - BikeStar vs. ScreamerStar (Conclusion)

2nd Turn - ScreamerStar

The second Daemon Prince arrives from reserve along with the remaining squad of Horrors.

My opponent vector strikes the Grey Hunters with the newly arrived Prince and drops one. All three FMCs cluster towards the middle of the table.

Another long psychic phase... the Grey Hunters are the target of a lot of the witchfire and maledictions but around half the squad survives and they do not break... And of course the ScreamerStar gets off the 2++ re rollable invulnerable save again. Fateweaver perils twice.

Close combat is drawn - both the BikeStar and biker squad successfully Hit and Run leaving the ScreamerStar high and dry.

3rd Turn - BikeStar

I send one biker squad after the newly arrived Horrors - they won't be able to charge this turn so I turbo-boost them up as close as possible using intervening terrain as a shield. XXX

Bikers sneaking up on Horrors

Invisibility is successfully cast but denied my the daemonic horde and my Rune Priest perils again dragged kicking and screaming into the cold warp... oh noes !!!

I shoot up the ScreamerStar and actually drop one wound on a Screamer reducing them to seven in number plus the Heralds.

This assault phase could be the critical point of the game... I charge in the BikeStar, biker squad and the remaining Grey Hunters. I fail to inflict any damage while the ScreamerStar focuses on the biker squad whittling it down to the sergeant and attack bike. Both the Bike Star and biker squad break but the Grey Hunters stand tall locking down the daemonic scum... objective achieved !!!

The Grand Assault

3rd Turn - ScreamerStar

The daemons focus fire on the full biker squad in an attempt to preserve the Horrors... however my dice are on fire - the sergeant, two bikers and the attack bike survive the salvos.

A couple of Grey Hunters manage to survive another round of melee and stick.

Lone Survivors

I really believe this turn shows how bad is the nerf to daemons now that FMCs have to wait two turns to charge if they start off swooping - my bikes had free reign on the table, whereas an assault could have quickly torn through the biker squads.

4th Turn - BikeStar

BikeStar and the one biker squad both move in again for another charge. The other biker squad moves in for the kill versus the Horrors. The Horrors are vaporized but no damage is inflicted versus ScreamerStar.

4th Turn - ScreamerStar

Not much movement except for some more swooping... heh !

A Daemon Prince successfully summons a squad of Plaguebearers and they appear close to my Emperor's Will objective. Then comes the big moment... I am able to deny Cursed Earth for the ScreamerStar and the GoTN fails to go off even with the re roll. My thunderhammers smash all the Heralds and Screamers sending them all right back to the icy cold warp.

The Aftermath

5th Turn - BikeStar

My BikeStar and remaining biker squad spread out over my opponent's Emperor's Will objective to keep the FMCs from contesting... and with that my opponent then conceeds. We draw on one primary (Emperor's Will), I win one (Purge the Alien) as does he (Crusade), plus I outscore him on scecondary goals 2-1.


ScreamerStar is no longer the scary monster it once was just as I predicted. The psychic phase is just not reliable enough now to invest all those points in a psychic heavy deathstar - especially considering the few warp charges I had versus the daemons. It couldn't have happened to a more deserving army in my opinion too.

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