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Monday, December 30, 2013

Why we don't change the rules

My first comment is that every TO so far I've seen advocating a ban on the re rollable 2++ invulnerable save play Taudar. They have no problem joining a Farseer or Buff Commander to a Riptide. Sure ScreamerStar and Jetseer Council are no fun to play against but there will always be such armies. People were up in arms in regards to Necron Scythe Spam at the beginning of sixth edition. The thing is changing the rules is kind of like playing God... You have no idea what will be the long term consequences. This also sets a bad precedent - a TO can change any rule and justify by large attendance. What will be the next change?

Here is a list of the remaining armies that will receive a new sixth edition codex:

•Imperial Guard
•Space Wolves
•Dark Eldar
•Blood Angels

It's quite possible any of these armies could have some game mechanic that nerfs the 2++ re rollable save. If you stop to think about it Tyranids can already do it via Shadows in the Warp and Space Wolves have the Rune Priest that's available as an ally for many armies. In the past when there was some hated army such as Leaf Blower IG or Draigowing we sucked it up and learned how to deal with it via superior tactics. Changing the rules makes us weaker. I have posted an anti ScreamerStar tactica article. There has also recently been some work to develop better missions for tournaments... These are the right answer.

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