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Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Condundrum for Tournament Organizers

I suppose on one hand we can say "Oh wow what a mess!" It's getting kind of crazy. Cool heads always prevail. GW is tossing out a lot of goodies this month and people tend to spend lots of money in December... I guess it's just a coincidence. From what I've seen so far there is a mix between new releases for standard 40k and Apocalypse... Kind of sneaky on the part of GW. If you walk into your FLGS for a 40k pickup game and some dude throws down a proxied Baneblade without the rules would you play them? "Trust me." they say with a cheesy smile. Why bother?

Tournament organizers are going to have to make some tough decisions. It's simple for me:

—Don't mix standard 40k with Apocalypse
—Don't ban standard 40k units
—Don't impose your own rules

I think we all know what is standard 40k and I think a lot of people know what is Apocalypse... So mostly it's simple. There is also Forge World but I'll skip that for now to avoid more confusion.

Banning standard 40k units and imposing your own rules is a big no no. Sure I detest ScreamerStar. I have not played against Jetseer Council but I've heard a lot of bad things. If these are banned then it's only a matter of time until Heldrakes and Thunderfire cannons are banned. Everybody has something they hate for whatever reason.

I've seen some silly things like suggestions for no allies or no game should be played above 1500 points. Would you accept either of these as the norm? Pickup games keep getting more and more appealing. Don't hate the game and don't hate the player. If you're having fun and so are the people you play I think you must be doing something right.

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