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Sunday, December 01, 2013

New Rules for Be'lakor the Daemon Prince

You can field him as an HQ choice in either Codex Chaos Space Marines or Codex Daemons. He costs the same as a fully decked out flying Daemon Prince.

His stats are exactly the same as a normal Daemon Prince except that he is Ld10. He is also the only Daemon Prince that doesn't have any allegiance to any Chaos God. He has a better invulnerable save than normal (4++) and he also is Shrouded. Be'lakor is an Eternal Warrior. He lacks hell forged armor.

He is also a Level 3 Psyker and knows all the spells in the Telepathy lore. He also has a special rule that gives him an additional D3 Warp Charges if the enemy failed one or more Morale tests the previous turn.

Be'lakor has his own special Etherblade, the Blade of Shadows:

S: +1 AP2, Melee
Armourbane—Fleshbane—Master-crafted—Specialist Weapon

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