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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

2nd Veteran Sergeant Minos & Chief Librarian Scipio

I was able to assemble two models for my Iron Hands today... The second tactical sergeant Minos and Chief Librarian Scipio.


Minos was a simple conversion using an OOP Marine and several bits from an assortment of various sprues. He's a tad bit shorter than the other tactical sergeant so I think I'll dub him Big Minos.


Pre-Heresy Iron Hands

Scipio was made using a resin piece well known from the Forge World Red Scorpion Chapter... Severin Loth. I made a simple conversion use a force staff from a Grey Knight plastic sprue. Obviously he's suited in a different Msrk of armor which helps to make him stand out a bit and denote his rank... Simple !

Next up I will finish the Medusan Immortals. Keep an eye out if you're interested.

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