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Sunday, February 03, 2013

Nurgle 2k tactics and tips

This is a brief follow up on the Nurgle list I recently posted last week. Here are some basic tactics:

Zombie blobs form up as the front rank spread out to cut off movement from enemy flyers and deny objectives. They soak the brunt of enemy shooting the first two to three turns providing your Death Guard time to move into key positions. Be careful with them... Sure you've got over 60 wounds between the two squads but they can die quickly versus certain armies such as Imperial Guard. You want them to last as long as possible while soaking up most of the enemy shooting.

Death Guard form the second rank using zombies for cover. Keep them out of enemy LoS if possible until they get into good range to shoot. They will win games by holding objectives midfield objectives and can press forward into the enemy deployment zone if necessary.

Typhus joins one squad of Oblits and they have the option to deep strike. They are your third rank and take down anything that manages to get past your first two ranks. The other squad of Oblits are your only non-fearless unit... They sit back and shoot all game. They can also camp on a backfield objective in Big Guns Never Tire.

The Heldrake is a harassment unit burning exposed units and vector striking enemy flyers. It forces your opponent to consider shooting your flyer versus other key units such as your Obilterators and Death Guard.

Epidemius and his Plague Bearers hide somewhere and may be able to hold another backfield objective... They are there purely for his Tally which can turn the Death Guard into Death Stars.

You've got anywhere from six to eight scoring units depending on the mission and the army only gives up 11 kill points.

NOTE - Zombies do not count as having Mark of Nurgle.

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