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Sunday, February 24, 2013

More Necron - Grey Knight feedback in

Here is some more feedback regarding Necrons with Grey Knights. I received an email from a gamer in a foreign country whom is planning to try their hand at qualifying for the ETC this year. Of course there's some comments.

In the next two months i am going to participate in a series of tournaments to get a place in the Greek national team, which will compete in the upcoming ETC tournament this August. I really value your opinion.

Good luck and best wishes in your attempt to qualify for the ETC this year. I think you've picked a great army for very competitive play. It's good to know that they are allowing the use of allies this year. I know that in the past the ETC had been conservative in regards to what is and what's not allowed. I think this is a big step in the right direction. 

I am writing to you because i have read your post Building the Perfect Metal Beast - Necrons with Grey Knight Allies.

I found your post very interesting and I would like to share some thoughts with you. I am planning to build such an army myself and agree that Necrons should be the primary detachment.

It just seems that Necrons are stronger overall plus you get a lot more good units as compared to the elite Grey Knights (GK).

I believe too that First Blood is crucial and using rhinos is an easy way to give it to your opponent.

Very true. While the ever ubiquitous rhino still has some good things to offer, the inherent disadvantages outweigh them. It used to be that five five Grey Knights with two psycannons in a rhino was a fairly cheap unit and great for quickly moving into a midfield position for shooting, but now rhinos and razorbacks are so easy to remove, then the small squad is standing there unprotected.

With all the flyers out there, we need something to bother them and Night Scythes cannot do that alone, even up to five flyers (especially againt armies like Imperial Guard with Vendetta spam). Aegis fortification is useful, but needs something there to boost it with it's ballistic skill. I don't think that GK (troops or Purifiers) with just 24" range can get the job done alone... Many points and very stationary. On the other hand I find that the use of dreadnought with twin linked autocannons and 3 annihilation barges may solve that problem (with or without Aegis). But this way, we don't we give First Blood as easily to our opponents.

The psyflemen are still good but I don't use them - like the rhino they die fast too. The Reinforced Aegis is still very nice though. Remember Anni barges can move 12" and snap fire - this is great versus flyers!

Furthermore I find that Destroyer Lord with Wraiths is more durable than overlord on barge. Overlord's barge is vulnerable against melta (especially against deep striking ones) or even lucky penetrating shots (AV13 is good but still). I need to test that more, because I almost always run with a destroyer lord, so i would like your opinion on that.

I like the greater speed of the barge plus being a chariot offers many great advantages in melee. I think they are really worth it.

My biggest concerns are focused on GK allies. I find Coteaz very helpful against drop pod armies, but if i am not going to use Razorback/warriors (for not giving FB), is Crowe's Purifiers a better choice? And by using Purifiers on foot with just 24" range, do I point out destroy lord or overlord as first priority for opponent's shooting? Terminators are expensive but they are troops who can deep striking. Any playtest on them? Can you share with me the list you currently playtest?

A D Lord can ride in a Scythe. They have a small foot print and are easy to hide. You can also either attach the D Lord to Scarabs or Wraiths. I'm a fan of Coteaz with Purifiers. Their deployment is critical.

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